Located at the coastal region, which is the heart of tourism in Kenya, lies the 6th county; Taita-Taveta. When your hear Taita-Taveta, you know it is all about rich underground minerals, eye catching wildlife reserves, life-giving water masses, hills and mountains that show off every so often, not to forget the magnanimous scale of farming and agricultural activities.
Now let us talk water bodies, let us talk about the cool and refreshing Njoro springs.

The water comes from underground in a streaming fashion, with temperatures of -5 degrees and below. Once you get a drop of this piece of heaven, you’ll regret why you’ve had to buy bottled water all your life.

David a motorcyclist, resident of the region who has grown up there says,
“We never had to look around for water. Many people from this area just stop by and fetch, even people from far away want a taste of this. Sometime back people swam in the springs and there had been several cases of
drowning dead.”

The Njoro springs meanders through several pathways. It routes to River Ruvu which then connects to the renowned lake Jipe.Then it routes towards different fields and finally flows all the way to Tanzania.There once was a route diverting into the residential farms that has now for some unknown reason been blocked by the authorities.

The water flow was never as swift as it is now.There was a block around the
rift,filled with massive rocks trapping the water into its confinement.According to David,former Taita Taveta member of parliament;Basil Criticos,had a small minor explosion done to create a pathway for the cold streaming ruffles.

Now getting down to the scoop.Despite the availability of this large water body,broad-deep-wide;why are taita taveta county residents then plunged down to water rationing?not to mention monthly water charges with water being supplied from ‘ only the government knows where’.The main source of the springs are restricted to the public for unorthodox reasons I might say.Did I mention that the water is supplied to the Tanzanians bordering?

Should I blame the residents or the power hungry veterans that are glued into authority day in day out, possessed by the magnitude of accesses a title can grant them.Or maybe,just maybe,it’s the diseased cycle of the third world countries.

Despite all this,one thing is certain,there is enough water out here fit for the entire Coastal region.Heck,the entire nation if need be!

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